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Hi, I’m Heidi!

I’ll show you how to connect the body, mind and soul through the feet to achieve balance and alignment.

After watching my daughter struggle with anxiety and depression at a young age, I decided to add tools to our belt that included more than pharmacy and talk therapy. I discovered a beautiful world filled with time honored traditions that span thousands of years and a plethora of cultures. It’s a gift to me to be able to share with you these tools.


Education, Experience,
and the Classroom

Heidi McKay received her Foot Zoning Certification from Cheree Murdock in 2017-2018.

She was first drawn to foot zoning to help her family, but she soon knew her mission was to help others through the foot zone. In her student experience, she exceeded the clinical requirement of 100 foot zones to complete around 1,000 foot zones in under a year. This passion has continued as she feels most at home at the feet of someone, understanding the clues and signals the reflex points on the feet are giving.

Heidi was asked in 2018-2019 to intern with Brad Noall, owner of We Do Feet, where she completed her education to become a Foot Zone instructor. After teaching for the school for many sessions, she was encouraged by her mentors to open her own foot zoning school.

These experiences gave Heidi the wings to create an online curriculum that easily invites more people to connect with the foot zone, whether it’s in at-home courses, practitioner training, or the online community for Foot Zoners. This is a space for anyone to easily connect and feel at home.

Heidi is passionate about these key factors in the classroom:

  • Detailed instructional videos showing each reflex access point and technique.
  • Extensive instructional graphics that are concise and thorough.
  • Anatomy pictures that coincide with each reflex access point on the feet.
  • Anatomy labels with a wide variety of techniques, including emotions and higher functions in each area.
  • Teaching the emotional connection in the classroom (helping each student understand how emotions are held in the body and how they move). We bring in coaches and experts in these fields to teach this in its entirety.
  • Monthly community Zoom calls with a panel of experienced foot zoners to answer questions and answers from students and practicing foot zoners. This call includes an essential oils class and marketing and business tips to help grow a clientele.
  • Monthly teaching calls from other experts in other fields, i.e. acupuncturists, homeopathists, health specialists, etc.
  • Three free retreats a year to gather foot zoners to connect and be taught in a live setting with a variety of guest lecturers and in-depth treatments.
  • Free continuing education for anyone who has gone through the certification program.

Heidi entered the classroom in 2017, and she has not left. She has found a fulfilling life’s work in innovating the classroom with each group of students that come through. Every group, in some way, opens a new door for the next group to learn and to be taught in a connective classroom!

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