Online Only: March Full Certification Registration

Learn the complete, detailed foot zone on all TEN areas of the feetplus powerful specialty zones:

  • Expectant mothers
  • Newborns
  • Postpartum
  • Three resets for the vagus nerve (the fight-or-flight response)
  • A quick, condensed foot zone for maximum flexibility and impact in any situation!


Class Session: Track 6

March - September 2024

-All classes will be held from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Mountain Time, unless otherwise noted-

Class 1 - Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 10:00-4:00 PM

Class 2 - Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Class 3 - Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Class 4 - Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Class 5 - Friday, July 19, 2024 - In conjunction with current in-person certification students

Class 6 - Tuesday, August 6, 2024

Class 7 - Friday, August 30, 2024 - In conjunction with current in-person certification students

Graduation - Monday, September 30, 2024, 6:00-7:30 pm Mountain Time


$300 Registration + $4200 Tuition = $4500 Total 
(Discounts below!)

Registration & Book Fee = $300
Included: Books on emotions in the body connected to the foot zone, anatomy, a laminated and bound complete-zone-treatment book with detailed graphics and links to video demonstrations for each treatment, a student workbook, essential oils, towels, and salve. This also reserves your spot in class.

Tuition = $4200
Included: Seven monthly classes in person and/or virtual, regular mentoring with experienced interns, detailed lectures on anatomy and how it relates to the foot zone, Hillory Dahle's Deliberately Design Your Life course, monthly community Q&A Zoom calls, regular presentations from experienced professionals in other fields to support your business, ongoing education beyond graduation, three retreats each year with specialized lectures and material review for certified foot zoners, auditing options for the future, evergreen access to materials (this means for as long as I am teaching and the school exists), and good heavens, so much more!!)

Total: $4500

Tuition discounts available:
A) $300 off--if paid in full by Class 2 

B) Choose nine interest-free monthly payments of $466

C) If you already purchased Reflexology Made Simple, you receive a $397 credit toward tuition!

Did you know?
As soon as you complete Class 1, you may begin charging student rates for the foot zones you give!

I’ve seen many students make those monthly payments this way.


  • This is a non-refundable course. I am that confident in how empowering and life-changing this course can be.
  • This course requires attending class ONCE a month for the track (session) listed, either in person or online, PLUS practicing the foot zone for about 2-3 hours each week.
  • This program meets all of the requirements for the Reflexology Exemption Licensure in the state of Utah.
    • It is up to you to see if your state has Reflexology Exemption Laws. (I can help if you reach out!) 


Heidi McKay
The Foot Zoning School
[email protected]


Universal Financial Disclosure:

This course is non refundable, all other legal terms and conditions can be found on the footer of our website.

$300.00 USD